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Microneedle derma roller

          Microneedle Derma Roller Skin Therapy

Cellulite is the excess fat lying beneath the skin cells, making it look bumpy. These fat accumulations get pushed against the connective tissue below the skin and leads to wrinkles and folds. It has nothing to do with obesity, as it can be seen on those with lower weight as well. However, you need not get worried if you are afflicted with cellulite. There is an easy remedy that gives you permanent cure from cellulite formations beneath the skin. I am talking about none other than skin needling therapy from Microneedle derma roller.

Damaged skin is a result of a number of external and genetic factors. When you are exposed to sunlight, dust and other similar conditions, you may become prone to acne. Acne, during the process of its healing, leaves a scar that remains as a permanent mark for many. A skin needling treatment devised during the early 90s paved way for the removal of acne scars.

However, the type of device used influences the permanent cure for cellulite and scars. Here comes the significance of the all new Microneedle Magic derma roller. Micro needle Magic uses the strong titanium alloy needles to create small lacerations on the skin. In fact, Microneedle Magic intends to cure acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines and pores, along with the prevention of cellulite accumulations.

Microneedle derma roller, unlike other mechanical rollers used for removing cellulite, necessitates no further treatments for the patients. When subjected to other common cellulite removal treatments, patients need to undergo many sittings. Besides, the procedures insist on advance treatments to maintain the results. Most of these regular treatments are aimed at temporary cellulite removal. The chances of reoccurrence cannot be overlooked.

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       Microneedle Magic For Skin Care

Skin needling through Microneedle derma roller removes cellulite and scars by promoting the natural healing ability of the skin. Skin repair is usually done by means of the glue like substance named collagen. When Microneedle derma roller makes micro channels on the outer skin, it activates the collagen production to aid faster healing.  The micro channels later tend to subside in the weeks following the Microneedle derma roller treatment.

Microneedle derma roller results primarily depend on the degree of skin injuries suffered. If the skin damages are low, you would be lucky to get the results within three or four treatments. If it is too deep, it is likely that the repair process takes months. However, Microneedle Magic does not give any side effects.

This time, grab the natural way to heal all your common skin problems. Micro needle Magic would give you clear and wrinkle free skin!